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Cringetober day 1 and 2: heterochromia and animal ears!

Ladybug reading

Trying a different color pallet.

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got some less than stellar news today but hey sunset pretty

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hey i know this stuff doesn't work but if you wanna sign the petition (http://chng.it/ygVhvFNyLZ) against the russian anti trans law and spam the comments with "trans rights" you're more than welcome here

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it does work. sometimes. good luck!!!!!

decided to make soft looking art of a green balloon :]

drawn on drawing tablet

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baby painted turtle i found a few weeks ago at the local nature preserve!

fallow -

i want to hold......................

[id: photo of tiny turtle person holds gently between their thumb and index finger. the turtle is only a bit wider than their finger. The turtle has a yellow belly and a red-and-orange shell. they peek out the front of their shell seeming displeased with being lifted in the air and have their feet outstretched in a comedic position. they have five toes per foot, each toe with a little claw at the end. end id.]

(original photo by Charles O’Rear)

so I drew Bliss.jpg because I felt like it would be the most fitting for a challenge I decided to do where, in MSPaint, I'm limited to the basic tools (read: tools I could remember from the original program), the default colour palette, and I wasn't allowed to use transparent selections to make things neater- if I wanted something moved I had to manually repaint it

also, it's a .jpg because I felt like that would be fitting for the challenge :]

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This looks like a stock wallpaper

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hellsite: okay here's an image i drew, no it's not a photograph

you: okay, here's a photo i took, yes with a camera

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blob king

he a little nervious of being king but he do well c:

(updated to include him name in plublu 09/06/2020)

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i believe in him

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Meganium Colour Palette Challenge

based on the D/P/Pl sprites

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First Flower

Can I interest you in a baby? Our first flower to fully bloom this year.